Bitch S Brew
Cocktail Recipe

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Cocktail Ingredients:
1. 151 Proof Rum - 1 oz.
2. Canadian Club Classic - 1 oz.
3. Brandy - 1 oz.
4. Dr. Pepper - 2 oz.
5. Ginger Ale - 1 oz.
6. Ice - 3
7. Lime Juice - dash
8. Water - dash

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:

Drop ice cubes into one large (16 oz.) beverage glass. Add shot of Lambs Rum, follow with Dr. Pepper. Stir. Add shot of Canadian Club and shot of Brandy. Stir well. Finish by adding Ginger Ale. Lime Cordial or water may be added to weaken the drink if any baby's are present. Large beverage glass allows for the younger kids to add more mix, while the older party goers can allow ice to melt and enjoy a nice drink to sip on for a while!

Serve in a Highball Glass

Bitch S Brew in a Highball Glass