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Party Hosting Tips

The Home Party type is most popular due to various reasons which we learn during the college and university years. Home parties require a fair amount of alcohol and are without big need for diversity.

Beer the most important alcohol one need to have. 95% of all men like beer and 50% of all women drink it. Therefore this drink is said to be vital for our survival and all party hosts must make sure this drink is available to all guests.

Vodka is rated Bottle N:2 on parties. This alcohol is fairly strong (40% alc) and intoxicates people pretty easy. One must drink about 2, 3 glasses to get the good mood and about 5 to get really drunk. I have a friend that drinks about 1 litter and still walks in straight line (don't ever think that walking on a straight line will make the cops believe you didn't drink.

Dry and Sweet Vermouth are Bottle N: 3 and N:4 . With Vermouth you can satisfy the Female drinking society. Combining Vermouth with Vodka you can make MARTINI cocktails. Martini is made with Sweet Vermouth (60%) and Vodka (40%) also Martini Dry is Dry Vermouth (60%) and Vodka (40%).

Whiskey is the national drink and definitely has to be noted as Bottle N:5. Its strong nature requires the use of some juices to make it more acceptable.

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