Adrian S Friday Night Gut Buster
Cocktail Recipe

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Cocktail Ingredients:
1. Vodka - 1
2. Hard Cider - 1 pint
3. Salt - 3
4. Lemon Slice - 3
5. Tequila - 3 shot

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:

In a small goblet or glass, mix the Vodka, orange juice, and Ice and stir. Drink tequila as you would with tequila slammers (i.e. salt, then tequila, then suck lemon slice) Prepare all the drinks in the following order: Tequila Cider Tequila Screw driver Tequila (If available Aftershock after each tequila slammer) If you finish, and keep it all down, you then are a man. Just don't do what I did and fall asleep on the toilet!!!!

Serve in a Favorite Glass

Adrian S Friday Night Gut Buster in a Favorite Glass